Blissard hails from the city of Leuven, Belgium. The band formed in the fall of 2011, when guitarists Kristof Geutjens and Geert Janssens reunited with singer/bassist Erick De Deyn after the untimely demise of Dial P for Panic, a heavy rock band all three had previously been a member of.


Hellange started out in 2008 recording loops and atmospherics. When Murphy Albums released Hellange’s first three songs as the “DDEEMMOONN” EP, expectations were decidedly low: the label didn’t even bother to do a press release.

Edirol Orchestra

Edirol Orchestra is Erick de Deyn’s solo moniker. The name stems from a cheap mixer he used for his earliest recordings, the Edirol UA-1000.

Tannhauser Orchestra

Tannhauser Orchestra (formerly just Tannhauser) was founded in 2007 by main songwriter Erick de Deyn.